Home appliance industry should dare to embrace new formats and new models


Ning Yan | | Contributor


No one expected that the proportion of e-commerce platforms in the home appliance retail market would exceed 50%, some categories such as small home appliances have exceeded 80%, and some categories such as empty ice washing have reached about 50%. Even five years ago, or even three years ago, for many home appliance manufacturers, this was definitely a "dare not think" thing. If you don't embrace e-commerce now, you will naturally give up half of your market opportunities.


Many people did not expect that the consumption habits of a single buyer of household appliances over the years will change in an all-round way in the past two years. The nesting of a single brand, or the nesting of a single scene, has become a trend across the board. For example, empty ice washing will habitually choose Haier, Midea and other brand sets, while the kitchen's smoke stove will habitually choose Fang Tai and other brand sets. In addition, many categories of small household appliances will habitually choose Supor, Jiuyang, Bear and so on.


Some people don't understand that the home appliances for the elderly that have been pushed for many years have been tepid. Today's young people's first home appliances, mother and child appliances, including game TVs, children's air conditioners, single-person rice cookers and other products, are showing A round of consumer pursuit boom. And this kind of segmentation product expansion momentum for different application scenarios and different user needs is becoming more and more popular. Even a water purifier for one person, an electric hot pot for one person, and a full set of household appliances for single young people are quietly coming out.


What's more, many marketing personnel don't understand that in the past, a product sold well in the market, which must be "opening the way for advertising, keeping up with channels, and giving strong prices", which is a typical big brand achievement explosive product. Nowadays, many popular home appliances among young people have basically not been advertised on CCTV and other platforms, nor have they been sold in Gome, Suning, or even Jingdong and Tmall, and the price is not too cheap, but the products have suddenly become popular. It turns out that content planting grass, culture and entertainment, animation and music, sports and public welfare and other user circles are deeply cultivated, and the rise of products driving brands is becoming a new path.


Behind this series of unexpected, unexpected, and ununderstandable events, it is the series of product innovation models, business models, channel models, and users that China's home appliance industry has experienced in the process of rapid changes in the times in recent years. The impact of many new models and new formats such as consumption patterns.


This also continues to remind many home appliance manufacturers that in this ever-changing era environment, maintaining the same pace with the times is obviously the only way out and way to survive. At the same time, in the process of embracing new models and new business formats, we cannot assume that success is the prerequisite, but to explore more possibilities and the future as the direction of our efforts.


If we say that ten years ago, people still had doubts about the sales ability of online shopping malls, then in just a few months since the beginning of this year, the live selling mode has become popular in the whole industry, full of doubts and participation. It is precisely the release of a large number of household appliance enterprises and businesses that are not only doubting, questioning or even doubting in the face of new business type, but learning while doing, exploring while doing, and growing up while wrong. This change shows that more and more home appliance manufacturers have entered a new channel of change in the times.


Similarly, since the beginning of this year, not only in the small household appliance industry, including large household appliances, kitchen appliances and other fields, many manufacturers have focused on selling, promoting and promoting live e-commerce on the one hand, and on the other hand, they have focused on the deep cultivation of user circles, including educational TV, children's air conditioners, mother and infant washing machines, etc. Of course, it is difficult to say that this kind of exploration will be successful, at least for the leading enterprises in various industries, how can we know whether the future will be bitter, sweet or salty without exploring and changing?


In fact, for the home appliance industry, after 40 years of layout in China, it has become fully mature. More and more enterprises and businesses are very clear in their hearts: the past model has been declared completely over, the past time is gone forever, and the same high growth and large growth in the past will hardly reappear. Next, we rely on the continuous innovation ability of products, technologies and users, and win the differentiated and deep cultivation ability of users. Not a home appliance enterprises and businesses have a shortcut to go!


The era of general ups and downs is gone! In the future, the home appliance industry will definitely enter the diversified channel of "some people grow, some people fall, and some people stagflation. Everything will focus on the precise and differentiated layout of individual enterprises and user groups to start the game.