Highlight moment! The new product conference of Mingjian Electric Appliances was successfully held in Qujing, Yunnan

In the environment of national consumption upgrading, electrical products are changing rapidly, and Mingjian electrical appliances always adhere to technological innovation and constantly achieve breakthroughs. On November 15, 2019, the dealer partners of Mingjian Electric Appliance in Qujing area of Yunnan Province gathered together to hold an eye-catching "new product launch conference" in the operation service center of this area ". A number of subversive and beautiful new products on the scene shined on, injecting more vitality and value into the famous health brand.


Qujing City is an important industrial and commercial city in Yunnan Province and the core area of the central Yunnan urban economic circle. Its comprehensive economic strength ranks second in Yunnan Province. Therefore, Mingjian Electric Appliances regards it as a key development object that radiates the entire Yunnan market. Thanks to the support of many distributor partners, Mingjian Electric Appliance Store has spread all over Qujing City. On the day of the meeting, Mr. Zhou Yongguo, head of Qujing region, presented awards to several dealers who performed well in the first half of 2019. Dealer representatives generously shared their store management experience.


Zhou Zong, a Regional Dealer of Mingjian Yunnan Qujing, delivered a speech


Outstanding Dealer Award Ceremony


Distributor Representative Speech Sharing

The range hood series independently developed by Mingjian Electric has always been the focus of attention and praise from consumers. At this press conference, the new products of 131A and 132A range hoods aroused the excitement of the public. Famous people have made all-round improvements to the oil fume separation and purification system, which has greatly improved the practicability of various functions of the range hood and the work efficiency:


L the maximum air volume of the smoke machine can reach 23 m/min


l Significantly reduce the working noise, fume rate as high as 98%


l Single motor double wind wheel technology, no vibration, low wear, start and stop smoothly, the service life of more than 10 years


l Oil and electricity separation technology, independent electronic original smoke-free cavity, electronic components greatly extended life


L automatic/somatosensory/touch, intelligent sensor mode switch, feel the new style of fashion technology


L waterproof heat dissipation power supply system, put an end to the problem of smoke pipe oil and water backflow


l Modular design technology, standardized module structure, strong interchangeability, convenient maintenance and quick maintenance


Driven by new products, on-site dealer partners have entered Qujing stores to taste new products. In consultation, communication and personal operation experience, they have a deeper understanding of the product characteristics and advantages of Mingjian Electric Appliances, and are more confident and motivated for future terminal sales.


In addition, Zhou Zong explained in detail the next stage of "Mingjian 20-year National Linkage Promotion Campaign. The assistance given by Mingjian headquarters in marketing planning, terminal sales and other aspects has greatly encouraged the enthusiasm and participation of the dealers present, and concentrated on improving product sales nationwide. On the day of the press conference, many dealers joined the queue of "on-site orders", and the total amount of orders for new products has exceeded 300000 yuan.


Mingjian Yunnan Qujing Regional Dealer Zhou Zong Announces All-China Alliance Promotion Activities

The successful holding of this new product conference indicates another new starting point for the famous health appliance Qujing area: brand-new intelligent kitchen and bathroom products have achieved a higher quality new life experience for local people, and have also established a solid foundation for the famous health appliance to take root in the Yunnan market and won a good brand reputation!